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Classroom Objectives


  • We will care for our infants in a warm and affectionate way that lets each child know that they are a special person. 

  • We will be generous with our affection using tenderness and cuddling and softly spoken words.

  • We will surround the child with meaningful language.

  • We will meet each child’s physical needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • We will provide opportunities for exploring, learning, social interaction, use of motor skills and daily indoor and outdoor play.

  • We will plan activities where the children can use their senses to explore their world.

  • We will have small groups and provide opportunities for one on one interaction between staff and children.

  • We will be supportive to our parents and keep the lines of communication open.

  • We will follow strict sanitation procedures.

  • We will provide a safe environment by establishing a constant awareness of each child at all times.

  • Equipment available to the infants will be developmentally appropriate.



Accommodating a maximum of 38 children, the center prides itself on offering a small homelike environment.  The teacher/child ratio for our preschool room is 1 to 7. The preschool is focused on a full or part day program consisting of comprehensive early education for children between the ages of:

  • Preschool 3 years - 4 years

  • After Care is available

Watertown CT Daycare
Watertown CT Childcare
Infant / Toddler Room


Accommodating a maximum of 38 children, the center prides itself on offering a small homelike environment.  The teacher/child ratio for our Infants and toddlers room is 1 to 3. These 1 to 3 ratio rooms are divided up by the following ages:

  • Infant room - 6 weeks to 12 months

  • Ones room - 1 year to 2 year olds

  • Toddlers room - 2 year - 3 year olds


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Greater Watertown CT Daycares
After Care


We understand parents are looking for a safe, nurturing and fun environment for their children to spend before and after school as well as during summer and school vacations.


Our staff will help your family by keeping your child safe while providing academic guidance and fun activities during there time at our development center. 


Children who participate in high-quality after-school programs have shown continued academic success as well as improved self-esteem and physical wellness.

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